Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marsh mallow Seedlings!!

I'm super excited about my first 'Marsh mallow' seedlings of the year that have come up!
Here's why I want to grow this amazing plant:
-Marshmallows (the candy) were originally made with the sap of this plant 
-It likes wet conditions which is perfect for our heavy clay soil (hence the name 'Marsh' mallow)
-It's has beautiful simple flowers that look like malva or hollyhocks
-Everything from the Marsh mallow is edible, the leaves, roots and young flower buds
-It can be used for medicinal purposes
-Marsh mallows can be sown year round, even in winter
-Apparently the flowers and leaves stay on all year round! (that sounds too good to be true) 
-It's a perennial! (That means it lasts many years)

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